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Apply online for eVisa for Malaysia

All the visitors who want to travel to an amazing land of Malaysia, need a valid visa for the purpose. The visa to the nation is provided by an authorized organization to enter the country. The candidate who are eligible can apply online to obtain valid eVisa. It requires to fill an online application form with all the actual details and data to apply for the approved eVisa for Malaysia.

The application can be done in three easy steps –

malaysia visa

What is Malaysian eVisa?

The eVisa for Malaysia was established in the year 2016, January by the immigration department of Malaysia. the citizens for valid countries can apply for getting eVisa for Malaysia. they should have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity. After the approval, the visa remains valid for one month (i.e. thirty days)

The eVisa for Malaysia is an electronic travel authorization document which is highly recommended to visit the nation. It is issued by the Government of Malaysia. While the electronic VISA is similar to a physical visa, no stamp or any type of label is placed in the passport of a traveler. It is extremely required to enter or travel within the beautiful land of Malaysia.

eVisa Entry Specifications, Length of Authorized Stay, Validity and Other Details

The eVisa for Malaysia is also known as Single-Entry Visa aka SEV. An approved document authorizes the entrance to Malaysia for up to 90 days (3 months) and allows stays for one month consecutively (i.e. 30 consecutive days) maximum.

The Mandatory Passport guidelines for eVisa

The passport for a traveler should be valid for six months minimum from the time of application.

Malaysia Entry Ports

The eVisa for Malaysia allows the tourist to enter the country via all the borders or entry points.

Eligible residents of other countries

Nationals of the countries that can apply for eVisa for Malaysia are listed here.