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Apply online for eVisa for Malaysia

All the visitors who want to travel to an amazing land of Malaysia, need a valid visa for the purpose. The visa to the nation is provided by an authorized organization to enter the country. The candidate who are eligible can apply online to obtain valid eVisa. It requires to fill an online application form with all the actual details and data to apply for the approved eVisa for Malaysia.

The application can be done in three easy steps –

malaysia visa

Malaysian eVisa

The country of Malaysia in Southeast Asia is frequently visited by travellers from all over the world. This fact is due to its iconic skyscrapers, theme parks, and beautiful natural spots. The world-famous Petronas Twin Towers is truly a symbol of the country. With 88 floors, this sign of modernity never ceases to amaze. Malaysia is also home to the beautiful Batu Caves, which are made of limestone and contain Hindu temples. Kuala Lumpur Tower is another tower that offers a unique and unforgettable view. Nature can be seen in all its glory on Mount Kinabalu and make sure you have Nasi Dagang and Hokkien Char Mee, their local delicacy, on land.

Hassle Free Travelling to Malaysia

Traveling to Malaysia is quite hassle-free compared to other countries as many countries are visa-free for at least 30 days. If you come from one of the countries that require a visa, you can apply for an e-visa or apply in advance at the nearest Malaysian diplomatic mission. E-Visa is the fastest way to get a visa and makes the process easy and fast.

eVisa Malaysia offers two types of eVisa:
  • Single Entry Visa (SEV)
  • Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)

Multiple Entry Visa (MEV), Malaysian eVisa is only available for citizens of India while Single Entry Visa (SEV), Malaysian eVisa is available for nationals of Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, and Serbia.

This Malaysian e-Visa allows citizens of the above countries to stay a maximum of 30 days per visit without extension. The Malaysian E-Visa has many advantages over the regular visa.

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Malaysia e-Visa:
  • The passport must contain at least 2 blank pages.
  • Passports must not be tampered with and must not contain unauthorized endorsements
  • A passport must be valid for at least six (6) months upon arrival in Malaysia.
  • If the visa expires before it has been used by the applicant, the sponsor must submit a new application and must pay an additional fee.
  • Malaysian e-Visa government fee depends on your nationality.
  • Requirements for filling out the Malaysian eVisa form:
  • Recent passport photo
  • Front of passport
  • Confirmed reservation for return flight
  • Travel route
  • Hotel Reservation / Proof of Accommodation
  • Birth certificate for minors (if any)

Additional documents depending on the applicant's country

A motivation letter is required if you live with friends or relatives. The letter must contain the following information: Addressed to the immigration officer, name and address of friend/relative, scanned ID, name and passport number, and date of travel.

Apply online for a Malaysian visa

Three easy steps to get your eVisa / eNTRI visa today!

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Eligible residents of other countries

Nationals of the countries that can apply for eVisa for Malaysia are listed here.