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eNTRI Chinese Visa

If we talk about especially Chinese passport holders who want to travel internationally, we have several questions. One of the most frequently asked inquiries is if a visa is required for travel to a specific nation. While some nations permit tourists to enter without a visa, others require Chinese people to obtain one. Continue reading to learn more about the visa application procedure, visa requirements, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

eNTRI Visa for Chinese Residents

eNTRI is a Single-Entry Visa (SEV) that permits Chinese residents to visit Malaysia for a single trip lasting up to 15 days (maximum) with no extensions permitted.

eNTRI for Chinese Residents is only good for a single trip to Malaysia. Only holders of a People's Republic of China (PRC) nationals must apply for a visa to enter Malaysia, Macau, or Hong Kong can apply for eNTRI.

Consulate or Embassy

The Malaysia Visa Waiver Programme proposes the eNTRI visa for travelers or visitor. Chinese passport holders (PRC passport holders) can reside and are eligible for an eNTRI visa to travel to Malaysia.

  • From January to December, the eNTRI visa waiver programme was in effect.
  • An eNTRI Note is only valid for one journey (to Malaysia) for a maximum of 15 days.
  • The eNTRI is valid for 90 days (three months) from the date it is issued to applicants. As a result, they must visit Malaysia within three months to use their eNTRI Note.
  • Residents of China who wish to apply for an eNTRI visa must ensure that their PRC passport is valid for at least six months. To apply for the entire document, the individual must bring the most recent colour passport-size photo.
  • The candidate must print out the eNTRI visa Note to show it to the authorities when they arrive in Malaysia.
  • Applicants who apply for Malaysian eNTRI are only permitted to enter and exit the country through the designated Malaysia Entry/Exit points.

Traveling by Air

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang
  • Melaka International Airport in Melaka
  • Miri International Airport in Sarawak
  • Kuching International Airport in Sarawak
  • Langkawi International Airport in Kedah
  • Labuan International Airport in Federal Territory of Labuan
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Sabah
  • Penang International Airport in Penang
  • Senai International Airport in Johor

Traveling by Land

  • Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint in Johor
  • Padang Besar Checkpoint in Perlis
  • Sungai Tujuh Immigration Checkpoint in Sarawak
  • Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint in Kedah
  • Sultan Iskandar Building Immigration Checkpoint in Johor
  • Tedungan Immigration Checkpoint in Sarawak

When Chinese visitors arrive in Malaysia, they must present the following certificates and documentation and a valid eNTRI as proof of their legal right to be there. They must provide it to Immigration Officers at entry points. Among the documents are:

  • eNTRI Visa Note
  • Boarding Passes for Flights
  • Malaysian Tickets Confirmed
  • adequate funds for their visit
  • Malaysia travel itinerary and number of days in Malaysia
  • Accommodation documentation

What is the Malaysian Tourist Visa for Chinese Citizens?

The Malaysian Tourist Visa for Chinese citizens is a travel document that permits Chinese citizens to visit Malaysia for up to 30 days.

A Single Entry Visa allows you to enter and exit Malaysia once through any of the country's entry points. The Malaysian Immigration Department implemented this new visa policy to make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit Malaysia

How long is the Malaysian eNTRI valid for China?

The Malaysia eNTRI for Chinese passport holders is valid for 90 days from the date of acceptance, and the holder can spend up to 15 consecutive days in Malaysia during that time.

What are the documents and requirements for Malaysia on the eNTRI China trip?

After receiving the Malaysia electronic tourist visa, visitors need to print a physical copy of the document and bring it with them when entering Malaysia Border officials will demand these two travel documents for arrival. Furthermore, Chinese travelers visiting Malaysia should pack the following items:

  • Return tickets with confirmation.
  • Verification of staying place or Residence in Malaysia
  • Proof of sufficient finances for the duration of your stay in Malaysia
  • Valid passport
  • Valid Chinese passport for at least six months from the date of application
  • Payment for the eVisa application
  • Birth certificate

Chinese citizens who desire to stay in Malaysia for more than 15 days should contact their nearest Malaysian embassy to find out which visa they should apply for.

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